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Welcome to drilling equipment manufacturers Australia.

Drillman has been born out of a recognised gap in the supply of wholly Australian owned and manufactured drilling equipment and supporting service at an ever important competitive price.

Drillman has been founded on the belief that a superior quality product featuring the ever important quality support and components, can be supplied by highly skilled and experienced local businessmen utilising similarly highly skilled labour.

Drillman have formed several strategic partnerships with Tier 1, globally recognised leaders in their field to present a fully comprehensive local service and product offering to the Drilling, Oil and gas, Civil, Piling and service sectors in our region.

With a focus on drilling equipment support from geotechnical / water well and shallow mineral exploration rigs, to CSG and CBM platforms as well as foundation and piling rigs with a targeted selection of supporting products and services, Drillman has the ability to create a fully customised or standard drilling equipment solution that suits your business and its' requirements, so feel free to call and discuss how we can assist without delay.

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