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Brightling Equipment
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Drillman are proud to be the exclusive Australasian agent for Brightling Equipment Ltd of Canada. Brightling Equipment is a specialist manufacture of Artificial Lift Products. The team at Drillman and Brightling Equipment pride themselves on being some of the most experienced and technically competent people in the entire industry. Our attention to detail, strong Research and Development team, dedication to safety and protecting our Environment as well as a "customer first" mentality set us apart from our competition. Please visit our website or call one of our technical support staff to see how Drillman and Brightling Equipment can save you money and reduce your headaches.

Drillman have partnered with Brightling Equipment to offer an alternative for the Oil & Gas surface equipment supply and repair. We recognized that there was an opportunity to improve the quality of product, level of service and commitment to the end user. By partnering our dynamic organizations of highly skilled and experienced persons who are dedicated to providing quality solutions, products and services to our customers and it is this basis that we are building our business upon. Even though we feel we currently lead the market place in product design, service and quality, Drillman and Brightling are dedicated to continuing researching ways to improve all aspects of our business. In short, we feel we are currently the best and are dedicated to improving at a rate that ensures we always will be.

Our team is diversified in experience ranging from design, manufacture, repair, production and Quality Control in the oil and gas sector with many years companies not only our superior product but be an alternative provider to repair existing surface equipment to OEM specifications at a competitive price.

  • Hydraulic and Electric Power Units Design and Manufactured in Qld
  • PCP Management and Control Systems Designed and Manufactured in Qld
  • Environmental Equipment Design and Manufacture
  • Field Service and Technical Support
  • Failure Analysis and Equipment Optimization
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Well Site Pipework
  • Skid manufacturing and Packages Designed and Manufactured in Qld
  • Down hole tools (anti-vibration subs, cam loc anchors, centralisers, rod string stators etc.)
  • Complete Wellsite Packages
Product Highlights:
Brightling FS Stuffing Boxes

We have a line of patented stuffing boxes for various applications. The rotary style integral and retro-fit stuffing boxes have been designed to fit onto nearly every brand of drivehead available on the market to date. We also carry inventory of the conventional rope style stuffing boxes.

Brightling Reciprocating Stuffing Boxes

The Brightling Pivot Stroker stuffing box complete with self-aligning tool makes this style one of the most popular in the Canadian market. With reciprocating applications there seems to be a higher chance of misalignment from the pumping unit to the stuffing box. Our style of stuffing box pivots up to 1.8 degrees resulting in ½” movement per lineal foot.

Brightling Hydraulic Driveheads

Brightling is able to offer a line of hydraulic driveheads in a gearbox style that focus’ on the safety and environmental aspects as well as the reliability that can only be noted in a gearbox style of drive. We also have available the belt driven drivehead option which is a bit of a cost saving drivehead as the upfront purchase price is typically lower than a gearbox style however still holds the quality and dependability that all of our driveheads offer. Our driveheads offer a centrifugal braking system with a patented engagement drive that has been developed over 15 years of infield experience.

Brightling Electric Driveheads

From a very low cost low horsepower electric drive for light applications and CBM wells to a dual 75 (150 horsepower) electric drivehead we have a drivehead for nearly all applications. With a patented centrifugal braking system we feel this is the most reliable brake offered on the market. Our driveheads offer a centrifugal braking system with a patented engagement drive that has been developed over 15 years of infield experience.

Brightling PC Pumps

Brightling offer a complete line of Progressive Cavity Pumps manufactured in Germany to our design and based on 30 years of our infield experience. With a variety of sizes and lifts we can offer models from heavy oil production to light oil / H20 applications.

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