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Drillmec Offshore

The offshore industry around the world is looking for various ways to improve the installation of the offshore drilling packages. Drillmec can accommodate your offshore platform with modular solutions from a single unit to a complete rig package. Traditional derrick barge cranes are often not readily available to lift these drilling units onto the platforms. With this in mind, Drillmec developed its Offshore Modules Platform Drilling Rigs, that are not equipped with these derrick barge cranes, in order to compound this challenge. These rigs are designed and built in modules so that the modules can be quickly installed by the drilling rigs operational cranes, with the help of one set of temporary cranes. The high number of light modules in Drillmec’s Offshore Modules Platform simplifies the installation process, also giving the advantage of an even weight distribution on the platform deck.

“We think of problems ahead of time and provide solutions to keep [a customer’s] construction project on target,”

Drillmec offers a complete range of offshore derricks highly customizable to meet client’s needs. With over hundred years of experience, using innovative engineering quality control and a knowledgeable staff, Drillmec provides off-shore drilling rigs packages.

Offshore packages have been designed according to all types of operational criteria and hook loads. Moreover, to meet customer specifications a complete range of masts, telescoping, bootstrap and also barge mounted units is available. In design phase particular care is given to weight, space, environmental loading conditions and operational capacities.

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