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Drillmec Onshore

With more than 100 years of international experience, Drillmec Drilling Technologies is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of drilling and work-over rigs for onshore applications as well as a range of drilling equipment.

The company has been recognized by customers throughout the world for its commitment to continuous improvement through the pursuit of high quality, strong focus on human resources, and emphatic efficiency throughout the whole process.

“Our worldwide reputation of reliability is a reflection of our extensive engineering development, timely deliveries and excellent after-sale service,”

Drillmec is continuously coming up with innovative products, as well. This is especially important when the company encounters new challenges in its operations. Drillmec’s quality management system is API Q1, ISO 9001 certified by the American Petroleum Institute and ISO 9001 certified by Det Norske Veritas. The company is also aware of all European Directives applicable to its products and is experienced in international and Russian standards alike, enabling the company to reconcile the two systems in the most comprehensive way possible, Drillmec states.

Drillmec’s strategic alliance with DrillMan now allow full compliance with Australian and New Zealand standards meaning our customers can have their rig delivered “hole ready” without the need to perform major work themselves. Whilst this is a promise of a lot of rig manufacturers, only Drillmec actually deliver because of its partnership with DrillMan and its capabilities.

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