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AHEAD Series

AHEAD Series

Parallax Advanced Hydraulic Electrical Automated Driller
On the basis of the HH Series experience and field results, Drillmec has developed a new generation of fully automated drilling rig forward, named AHEAD (Advanced Hydraulic Electrical Automated Driller), designed to meet the highest HSE standards and drilling efficiency.

AHEAD Series - Advanced Drilling RigsThe AHEAD Series represents a new concept of fully automated drilling rigs. They represent the results of a strong focus on innovation and continuous improvement that has always characterized Drillmec in the global market of drilling rigs. Highest HSE standards and drilling efficiency are assured thanks to automation and to complete drilling package able to ensure a continuous dialogue with the bottom hole.


Off-line System
AHEAD is equipped with a new fully automated Off-line System designed to make up and break out stands of two API Range 3 DP (or three API Range 2 DP) out of rotary table, ensuring safety for personnel and a drastic NPT reduction. The Off-line System is able to handle even the casing joints, placed on special racks positioned on the ground.

HoD - Heart of Drilling System The HoD System combines continuous circulation, high-resolution flow rate monitoring and anti friction device to obtain highest HSE standard and enhanced drilling performance. The HoD System is characterized by easily integration with other rig equipment and it is designed to allow personnel to move away from the rig floor and manage operation remotely.

For further information please view / download the brochures below:


ProductInstalled PowerStatic Hook Load CapacityMax Pull DownMax Height from Ground LevelClear Height from Rt LevelRT Rated CapacityTop Drive Data Capacity
  kW Ton Tom m m Tom Tom
AHEAD375 1200 340 30 53,5 11 340 340


ProductTop Drive Data RPM MaxTop Drive Data Max TorqueDrilling Line Data LineDrilling Line Data Nominal DiameterDrilling Line Data Breaking Streght Vertical Pipe Rack Capacity DP 3'' 1/2 Vertical Pipe Rack Capacity DP 5'''Vertical Pipe Rack Capacity DC
  N daNm n mm Ton m mm
AHEAD375 200 5000 4 44 178 6250 5000 192