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Land Rig Series

Land Rig Series

Drillmec’s deep roots in the manufacturing of drilling rigs start back in 1929 and since then continuously improved rig design by raising the pull-up capacity, enhancing safety, optimizing performance and minimizing environmental impact.

Drillmec starting from Massarenti & Branham-design produces a full range of land rig packages to satisfy almost any need with successful achievements all over the world.

Land Rigs - Swing Lift Series

Drillmec produces swing lift rigs with raising lines or hydraulic cylinders. The Swing Lift Series is designed for fast and safe rig-up and rig-down, minimizing non-productive time.

Main features can be listed as follows:

  • Wide working area on the drill floor and around the drawworks;
  • Mast static hook capacity up to 907 metric tons (2.000.000 lbs);
  • Simple structure with components easily erected with the use of a crane
  • Four point leveling system built into mast legs above the drill floor
  • Compact design which reduces the number of truckloads


Drillmec understands that drilling contractors objectives and conditions are constantly in flux and require different solutions to achieve results. Drillmec rigs are available in a wide range of specifications in order to fit custom configurations and capabilities

  • Mud recovery system under the drill floor to minimize environmental impact;
  • Sling shot or single step hydraulic raising;
  • Drawworks positions at the ground level or on the rig floor.


DM SERIES (Raising Lines)

Swing Lift masts and substructures with hook load capacity from 340 to 907 metric tons (750,000 - 2,000,000 lbs).

HSL SERIES (Hydraulic Raising)

Swing Lift masts and substructures with hook load capacity from 340 to 680 metric tons (750,000 - 1,500,000 lbs).


ProductHook LoadLinesSetback CapacityDrawworks Input PowerMast HeightMast BaseSubstructure Height
 Kgs KgskWmmm
DM 750340,00012204,00011204699
DM 1000454,00012360,0001490481111
HSL 750340,00012204,00011204699
HSL 1000454,00012360,0001490481111
HSL 1300590,00014360,0001490481111
HSL 1500680,00014454,0002240481112