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Drillmec Mobile Rig Series

Mobile Rig Series.

Drillmec MR Series mobile trailer and self-propelled rigs are used for conventional drilling, workover and well service applications. Drillmec covers this variety of applications by manufacturing a full range of rigs capacities from 60 up to 250 metric ton. The drawworks, carrier and mast capacities are combined to provide the best performances. The MR Series fully mechanically driven rigs are designed to ensure ease of operation in a wide variety of terrains and extreme climatic conditions. The MR Series design enables it to be inherently agile in order to access from the extreme hear of the Sahara desert, to the bitter cold of the Siberian tundra or the challenging elevation changes of the Utica shale.

Mobile Rigs

Drillmec rigs are designed to be an easily transportable unit and for quick rig up. These are the main features:

  • Integrated skid base to fix mast guy lines and avoid external anchoring
  • Band brake or disk brake option for drawworks CE and ATEX certified
  • Wide range of substructures including on wheels, telescopic and hydraulic raising
  • Working floor adjustable with foldable walkway and stairway
  • All rig components can be designed for operations range from -45°C up to +55°C (heat cooling / winterization)
  • Sound proof shelter for engine upon request
  • Main drum and sand reel
  • Crown saver system (rig floor saver on request)

Drillmec can supply also a complete rig package, consisting of mud pumps, tanks, generators and air unit; the rig can be tested (including pull up test and endurance test) in Drillmec rig up yards.


MR 3500 - MR 4000
MR 3500 - MR 4000 are the fastest and the smallest rigs of mobile range. These rigs are suitable for shallow wells and workover operations. A truck mounted version can be supplied for easy transportation and compliance with local road rules. On request, frontal pipe handling machine can be provided. The control panel is usually located on the mast side for simple and quick use.

MR 5000 - MR 6000
MR 5000 - MR 6000 are fast workover rigs. Special outriggers are installed on rig’s rear side and hydraulically pulled out/ in, where mast guy lines are connected.
Therefore no ramp, t-base or concrete works are necessary. All the rigs are designed for power swivel installation. The drawwork’s cooling system is located onboard whereas the swivel power unit upon request. The working floor is adjustable in height and foldable on the rear side of the rig’s frame. Sand reel can be used as a swabbing unit.

MR 8000 - MR 9000
MR 8000 - MR 9000 are drilling rigs suitable for oil & gas and geothermal exploration, diesel or electric powered. A dog house can be provided to accomodate the driller location and the main rig controls. These rigs are ready for top drive installation, such as Drillmec hydraulic top drive HTD 250. Variuos type of BOP handling systems enhance safety. MR 9000 is especially designed and built by Seismotekhnika factory in Belarus for low temperature and artic conditions in compliance with Russian standards.

HMDR 1000
HMDR 1000 is a high mobile desert rig. In transport conditions, all the main components remain installed on the semitrailer in order to allow a single trip rig move. The substructure is box on box connected to the rear side of the semitrailer which is equipped with twelve wheels per side. The rotary table and the drawwork are electrically driven. (Gear driven drawwork can be supplied). An electric top drive can be supplied on request; Drillmec manufactures HMDR 1000 up to 320 ton and 1500 hp, depending on customer requests.


Product Static Hook Load Lines Capacity Mast Clear Height Drawworks Drum (d x l) Input Power Main Brake Auxiliary Brake Drill Line Power Pack Substructure Height Working Platform Height Rotary Table Standpipe Mounted on/remarks
  Ton     m mm kW     mm   mm mm mm    
MR3500 60 6 Range 2 single 18,9 from ground 318 x 610 186 Band Hydromatic 22,2 Caterpillar C13 4500 from 1400 to 1600 521 (optional) 206 Semitrailer or Carrier
MR4000 90 6 Range 2 double 29 from drill floor 489 x 701 224 Band or Disk Hydromatic or Pneumatic Disk 25,4 Caterpillar C13 4800 from 1500 to 2500 521 206 Truck also for Standard Road
MR5000 113 8 Range 2 double 35 from ground 457 x 965 373 Band or Disk Hydromatic or Pneumatic Disk 28,6 Caterpillar C15 - from 1760 to 5040 - 345 Semitrailer or Carrier
MR6000 136 8 Range 2 double 29,9 from drill floor 457 x 965 373 Band or Disk Hydromatic or Pneumatic Disk 28,6 Caterpillar C15 5200 - 700 345 Semitrailer or Carrier
MR8000 200 10 Range 2 double 35 from drill floor 660 x 1080 746 Band or Disk Hydromatic or Pneumatic Disk 28,6 2x Caterpillar C15 or Electric Motors 6100 - 700 345 Semitrailer or Carrier (carrier mast clear height: 101 ft)
MR9000 250 10 Range 2 double 35 from drill floor 660 x 1080 746 Band or Disk Hydromatic or Pneumatic Disk 28,6 2x Caterpillar C15 6100 - 700 345 Semitrailer or Carrier (for low temperature)
HMDR1000 250 10 Range 2 triple 41 from rig floor 762 x 1403 746 (2 electric motors) Disk Electromagnetic 31,75 2x Electric Motors 7500 - 700 (indipendent drive) 345 Semitrailer for desert