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Drillman Drillmec Service


Due to our strong relationship and partnership with Drillmec, DrillMan is available to off a full complement of services to the onshore drilling sectors. By the very unique nature of onshore drilling and the challenges it poses DrillMan along with its partner Drillmec understand that operations of this nature requires not only manufacturer support but that it is critical to have local support. Customer Care and After Sales Support.

Our customers have access to a comprehensive After Sale Support package offered by both Drillmec and DrillMan. This may consist of:

  • Commissioning
  • Training (both at Drillmec facilities and after delivery)
  • Operational support through DrillMan of Drillmec trained and experienced crews (Managers, Tool Pushers, Drillers etc)
  • Maintenance - planned and scheduled through DrillMan’s experienced local technicians
  • Critical spares held on consignment at DrillMan’s warehouse
  • Local support from DrillMan
  • Local warranty services
  • Field Service Units
  • Scheduled and shut down maintenance


Product Information can be found here:



Drillmec Drillmec Drillmec Drillmec

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