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Low Point Drain

Drillman is pleased to announce the release of the THERMIVALVE ADES (Automatic Drain Emptying System), a simple effective mechanical design that uses thermal syphoning principles to automatically keep CSG pipelines clear of fluid build up. Fully compliant to AS1210, the THERMIVALVE ADES has an extensive list of features, benefits, options AND at a lower cost of implementation.

Features and Benefits.

  • Wide pipeline pressure operating range
  • Compliant to AS1210:2010
  • Zero electrical componentry on the drain unit
  • Redundant design to maximise safety and reliability
  • Fully automatic and fail safe
  • Self cleaning componentry ensures low ongoing maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Fire and cattle safe



  • Inline swarf filter
  • Fine particle filter
  • Water gathering network pipeline injection system
  • Back to base communications system


DrillMan would like to thank our engineering partner on this project. IFCE (Igni Ferroque Consulting Engineering) have been involved from concept to reality to ensure that the end product comes with RPEQ Certification and a compliance pack to all relevant standards.