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Muster Fire Suppression

MusterII utilises modern technology to produce a 24/7 fully monitored fire suppression system.

Above image of fire suppression bottle installed.


As an authorised and qualified MusterII Fire Suppression agent Drillman can offer a range of fully monitored systems and solutions that combine the latest technology with a simple design, and quick to connect wiring system. The in-built accuracy of the MusterII Fire Suppression System is controlled using state-of-the-art intelligent pressure sensors. This ensures the discharge time meets the initial design criteria, effectively suppressing fires in the punishing environments where many machines operate.

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) or Loss of Pressure Detection (LOP)

  • 24/7 fire sensing monitoring
  • Fully monitored by the Alarm Panels
  • Designed to reduce false discharge and alarme
  • Fast signal reaction time and manual actuation
  • Reliability
  • Uses its own power source
  • Very low 12 month periodic servicing cost
  • Low cost to install due to easier installation process
  • Electrical actuation circuit
  • Digital or mechanical pressure gauge
  • LOP Utilises state of the art pressure transducers
  • High quality stainless steel components

MusterWire uses Linear Heat Detection for fire sensing. The electrical wire can run throughout the engine bay, gear box, cable harness and other areas of high risk. It ensures a reliable fire suppression system by monitoring and reacting when exposed to high heat. MusterWire activates at 180°C, when the outer layer is subjected to heat it causes the twin steel conductors cores of the cable to touch, sending a signal directly back to the Alarm Panel. Detection is instant; giving the operator precious time to react.

Below is an example of a LHD System

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