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Geotech Drill Rigs

GT10 and GT50 - Hydraulic Drill Rigs

Standard build allows you to have a competitively priced unit and drill sooner however with our in house engineering and extensive history in design and build of drill rigs we can customise any part of the build to suit your specific requirements.

Above image of GT50 mounted on a Lancruiser with additional lazy axle.


Key Features.

  • 3.1m stroke
  • Can be mounted on a 4 x 4 (e.g. Land cruiser) or tracks
  • Reliable engine
  • Tilting mast with minimal rear overhang
  • Fully engineered


Below image of GT10 ready for mounting on tracks or 4 x 4.

These rigs are suitable for Geotechnical, Environmental and general smaller drilling applications using augers but upgrades and retrofit kits availalble for other application.

Below is the team that developed and manufactured the first GT50

Head Office